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StorHouse Storage Center - Premier Self Storage and Indoor RV and Boat Storage - Ventura County, California
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StorHouse offers secure buildings to accommodate most business needs. The large automatic doors makes entry hands-free into a clean environment with censored lighting and XM satellite radio.

The business storage unit sizes begin at 5’x5’ and can be as large as 22’x80’ all enclosed with digital surveillance. The large elevators and flatbed carts provide ease of moving and convenience. Appliance dollies are available as well as forklift service.


StorHouse has virtual offices which include copy/fax service, WiFi availability, and the use of a handsome conference room with a speaker phone and internet.

There are climate controlled areas that maintain a specific range of temperature for storing sensitive papers, photography, artwork, antiques or other items with this requirement.  Upgrades such as carpet or shelving are also offered.


The security systems include the use of tenant proximity cards, coded gates, individual alarms on each unit, extensive digital surveillance with over 150 cameras and the unique ability to restrict gate and elevator usage.  StorHouse does require fingerprint and photo id for tenants.

StorHouse gate hours are longer than most from 6am to 9pm daily including ALL holidays! The office is open 7 days/week – 8am to 6pm Monday-Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

A FREE truck and driver service can be made available with the StorHouse moving truck. The driver will go to a location and after an hour of loading, returns to the facility for unloading. 

StorHouse Storage Center sells boxes and packing materials including tapes, carpet mask, ropes, tie downs, carts, dollies, protective covers and specialty wrapping to help the move go quick and smooth!

What are the size of your units?
From 5’x5’ to 22’x80’ and many in between these sizes.
What are your prices?
Price is determined by size and location like most real estate! Best to stop in or call to checkout specific units – do ask about their specials.

Do you have any specials?
Current specials:  “$29.95 Moves You In” special or FREE Truck and Driver.  StorHouse does offer senior and active military discounts as well as a cash referral program so be sure to get those details.

The “$29.95 Moves You In” special is a RENT free special.  No rent payment is involved here for the first month – only a one-time only administration fee of $20.00 and the price of a lock plus tax.

A FREE truck and driver service can be made available with the StorHouse moving truck.  The driver will go to a location and after an hour of loading, returns to the facility for unloading. 

What type of security do you offer?
The security systems include the use of tenant proximity cards, coded gates, every unit individually alarmed, extensive digital surveillance with over 150  cameras and the unique ability to restrict gate and elevator usage.  For security,  fingerprint and photo id are required for all tenants.

What are your gate hours?
EVERY DAY!  Seven days a week, gate hours run from 6am to 9pm. 

What are your office hours?
Open 7 DAYS A WEEK – Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm and Sundays 10am-3pm

How long do I need to sign up for?
All leases run month to month starting on the day of move in – the anniversary date.  A 10 Day Notice to Vacate is required.  When vacating simply stop by the office so the unit can be checked and you are then asked to sign a form.

Do you prorate my move out?
Billing is done by anniversary date – the day of move in.  In other words, if the day of move in is the 5th of the month, rent will be due the 5th of the following month.  Rent is  not pro-rated or refunded. 

How do I pay my bill?
Payments can be mailed, made in person or through this website. We also offer automatic deduction from credit and some debit cards – just call the office.

Have more questions?
Please email or call us at 805.382.2629 and have a fabulous day!

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